'You Are Brave' Iron-On Patch

'You Are Brave' Iron-On Patch


About 5cm x 5cm (Height & Width)
Perfect to iron onto any fabric or cloth, and make it yours in your own way!

"Over the past few years, I have learnt what it means to be brave.


I have always thought that being brave is to be good in everything and being the perfect person for the perfect job then it’s called being brave — since I’m courageous enough to try and even excel in it.

However, time and time again when I feel like I've failed, or made mistakes in my life: I’m faced with numerous condemning thoughts of how I’m not brave enough for God. I struggled with myself and with God that I’m not doing well enough... I constantly got so tired of trying. 


But through the recent transition from school to work, I heard God saying to me that He has already made me brave because He has equipped me with the wisdom and strength to carry on with what I have to do and need to do each day! This phrase has indeed given me strength each time I face any setbacks at work or in life because of what God has shown me through it! :)"
— Lim Xin Ying


The same words could mean different things to different people. It tells different stories for each of us as unique individuals.
If you’ve got your own story behind these words “Faith, not fear,” do share it with us! #shareyourstory 🙌🏻 #wordshavepower